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 I'm Eric Wouwenberg and I live in the east side of the Netherlands.
Since 2006 I keep and breed several python species.

The most of them are  from the genus Liasis or formely Liasis.

Like the Liasis olivaceus, Liasis savuensis or
the Bothrochilus boa and the Antaresia family for example.

Beside snakes I'm also keeping and breeding tortoises and lizards,

like the Testudo hermanni, Heloderma suspectum and Uromastyx.

If you have any other question or remarks, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Eric Wouwenberg


Morelia spilota spilota

Morelia carinata
Lampropeltis sinaloae


Testudo kleinmanni
Testudo hermann hermanni
Chersobius signatus


Heloderma suspetum

Cordylus tropidosternum
Cordylus jonesi