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 I'm Eric Wouwenberg and I live in the east side of the Netherlands.
Since 2006 I keep and breed several pyhton species. The most of them are  from the genus Liasis or formely Liasis. Like the Liasis olivaceus, Liasis savuensis or the Bothrochilus boa and the Antaresia family for example.
In the menu collection you will find the species what I keep at this moment.


Beside snakes I'm also keeping and breeding tortoises, like the Chersobius signatus and lizards, Chalcides occelatus and Heloderma suspectum.


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Eric Wouwenberg


I'm keeping several tortoise species. From different continents, Europe, Africa.

From Europe I keep the

Testudo hermanni hermanni and the

Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis. Both are kept in an outside enclousure.

The tortoise from Africa is the Chersobius signatus.  

I'm happy that I have the opportunity to keep this rare and endangered specie from the studbook.

For more info about the studbook check



The most of the  snakes in my collection are Indo-Australian pythons.

I'm also keep other snakes from different continents.

Even you will find some boa's in my collection.

* Aspidites ramsayi

* Zamenis situla

* Epicrates alvarezi



You will find at this  moment a few different lizards in my collection

* Heloderma suspectum cinctum

* Chalcides occelatus

* Phelsuma nigristriata

I keep also an animal what many people say that it will be an lizard, but it is deffently not. I can only say it will look like it but it is an amfibian. The beautiful black and yellow Fire salamander,  Salamandra terrestris

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