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 I'm Eric Wouwenberg and I live in the east side of the Netherlands.
Since 2006 I keep and breed several pyhton species. The most of them are  from the genus Liasis, like the Liasis olivaceus or     formely Liasis, like the Antaresia species.


At this moment I'm keeping several python species, most of them are Antaresia you can aslo find Morelia viridis in my collection.

Snakes are my passion, but my collection exist not only about snakes. I'm also keeping several tortoises and lizards. Like Indian startoise and the Gila monster.


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Eric Wouwenberg

Me and one of my Indian Starttortoise Geochelone elegans




The reason why I provide only limited information on my website about the reptiles what I keep, their biology and the keeping and breeding of them. Is that many good publications on this subject are available. The following books, which I have on my bookshelves, are highly recommended to those who would like to go into Indo-Australian pythons, Gilamonsters and tortoises.



You can follow Liasis.nl on Facebook or Instagram


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