My collection of lizards;

* Heloderma suspectum cinctum.

* Phelsuma nigristriata
* Chalcides ocellatus.

The only amphibiens in my collection are

* Salamandra terrestris


In my collection you find;

* Bothrochilus boa.

* Antaresia perthensis.

* Aspidies ramsayi

* Antaresia childreni


* Epicrates alvarezi

* Epicrates cenchria

* Zamenis situla

* Pantherophis guttatus morphs


Outside in an enclosure I keep some European toroises;

*Testudo hermanni hermanni

*Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis

I'm happy to get the oppertunity to care for the rare and endangered

Chersobius signatus.  

For more info about the Chersobius signatus and the studbook check;

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