Antaresia maculosa Granite


Antaresia childreni

Hatchling. When they are young the are more patterned than when they are adult.

Morelia Viridis Sorong

Feeding time

Pantherophis guttatus

F2 offspring of the Oketee Hunt club, Jasper county .




The most snakes in my collection are Australian pythons. I'm also keep snakes from other continents like North-America and Asia. From Australia the following species.

* Antaresia maculosa,

* Antaresia childreni,

* Antaresia perthensis,

* Aspidtes ramsayi.


From North- America I'm keeping.

* Pantherophis guttatus. Oketee Hunt, Jasper county


From Asia I keep one specie but two different localitys.

One of the most beautiful snake of the world the green tree python; Morelia viridis. I have the Sorong and the Biak locality.

Aspidites Ramsayi

Morelia viridis

Morelia Viridis Sorong

Hatchling greentree python


Morelia viridis

Morelia Viridis Biak

Turning first into yellow than slowly intogreen

Morelia Viridis Biak

Hatchling greentree python.

Antaresia childreni

Female around her just layed eggs. I incubated them in the incubator. It is also possible to let do that by the female.

Antaresia perthensis


Antaresia perthensis

Smallest python of the world.

Antaresia maculosa het Granite

Het for granite female around her eggs .

Aspidites ramsayi

Welcome to the world little yellow head..

Aspidites ramsayi

Western Australia local form Woma python.

Pantherophis guttatus


If you have any question about the snakes what I keep. Do not hesistate to contact me. I can tell you a lot about my own experience.


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