Other reptiles or amphibians

Other reptiles or amphibians


Besides of reptiles I'm keeping also a few Amfibians. Salamandra terrestris. They are living in an outside enclouserin the shade. Otherwise it gets to hot for them.




The one and only lizard in my collection is Mister Gila. The Heloderma Suspectum (cinctum).



The Gila monster is one of the few venomous lizards of the world



The reason why I provide only limited information on my website about reptiles and amphibians, their biology and the keeping and breeding of them, is that many good publications on this subject are available. The following books, which I have on my bookshelves, are highly recommended to those who would like to go into Salamandra and Heloderma.

Heloderma suspectum cinctum

50-60 cm in length

Mice, Rats, Eggs

North America

Salamandra terrestris

15-20 cm in length

worms, snails, slugs


Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii

30 cm in length

worms, snails, slugs



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